Warrior’s Low Profile MOLLE Belt (LPMB) offers a 2 stage low profile platform capable of carrying a wide variety of mission specific pouches and holsters including Drop Leg rigs. Part one is a reinforced slimline belt that is covered in loop Velcro and is designed to be threaded through the operator’s belt loops and acts in the same way that a traditional belt would. The second part of the system is made up of a low profile MOLLE belt covered in 2 rows of Mil Spec webbing, this belt has a row of hook Velcro on the inside which marries up to first belt, it is then secured by way of a removable belt and composite GT Cobra buckle. This belt can be removed at any time and substituted for a Riggers style belt if required. The LPMB allows a very stable draw when using belt mounted holsters as there is no movement due to the Velcro bond between both belts.

SIZE MEDIUM: From Waist 34″ – 86cm
SIZE LARGE From Waist 38″ – 96cm
SIZE EXTRA LARGE From Waist 41″ – 104cm

Size Medium no Belt – 0.34kg
Size Large no Belt – 0.37kg
Size Extra Large no Belt – 0.395kg
Size Medium with Polymer Belt – 0.425kg
Size Large with Polymer Belt – 0.455kg
Size Extra Large with Polymer Belt – 0.485kg


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